Farm House “Il Gelsomino”

Our story starts from many years back, since the 20’s when the reclamation of the Maremma started: in that period were constructed the estates of the sharecroppers veterans combatants of the First World War, which came from Veneto with their families to work the land and work for the reclamation, and was built also our Country house which was given the name of Santa Lucia.

Slowly our family was also , a little Veneta, but very Maremmana!!


We have been among the first farmhouse holiday in the zone with the first restructuring in 1995, was a working opportunity but also to meet many people. And it was nice in 2001, we added other rooms and we began to make the restaurants… and we have many projects, for us and feel will be good for our guests, but will do step by step; for the moment we offer accommodation in a beautiful countryside, good restaurants, wonderful horse riding, the possibility of beautiful bicycle rides, and to continue to enjoy a bit of vacation also buy our products

We love our land and we want others to love it too, so we are looking to do our work in the best possible way, we know we cannot please everybody, but seeing that many return we have the hope of having made many happy.



The farm stays the Gelsomino is in a beautiful position, it is at the end of the road, after us there is only the Ombrone River, we are 5 km from Alberese, to 9 km from the sea easily reachable by bicycle and confines with the natural park of Maremma; we are at 15 K from Grosseto and exactly in the centre of a vast area of historical interest and natural interest.

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